Success Stories: Because George Could Do It

At 10 years old Madeline’s first priority became not about school, but to stay safe and to stay away from her mother’s boyfriend. From the ages of ten to about thirteen, she would spend nights at friends’ houses, on the streets, homeless.

She knows she went to fifth grade, struggled in sixth grade, and flunked eighth grade. By the time she was in ninth grade, she dropped out of school.

It wasn’t until she was in her late forties, when she was 46, when Madeline had a life changing experience. A car accident injured her neck and back and she was not able to work. While watching Oprah, she saw the story of George Dawson, a man who at the age of 98 was determined to learn how to read. George had never been to school, but was determined to learn.

She knew if George could do it, so could she.

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