Success Stories: An Honest Man

Michael joined the Ringling Brother’s Circus when he was 18 – he lived on the train – every kid’s dream. He was a quick learner, the top seller of cotton candy and quickly earned his own route. When he met his wife it was time to leave the circus to start a family.

Since then he’s been in and out of jobs and knew that some employers wouldn’t even look at him because he’d never finished high school. He also refused to lie about it – he’s an honest man. Eventually he ended up on public assistance and was given the opportunity to finish his GED.

On January 23rd he walked across the stage in his cap and gown to receive his diploma. On January 25th he put his suit on (with the awesome Elvis tie), thanked the staff of the Literacy Center, got the job he wanted for over 20 years (that day), and loves it!

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