Success Stories: Just One Job

Rico left school at 16 so he could support his girlfriend and their new baby.

His first job was at Village Inn as a dishwasher and earned his way to head cook after 5 years. He’s always had a job, usually two, and sometimes three. Finally he had job where he made foreman and earned enough to just have one job. Then he got a DUI. He didn’t have enough to pay the fine and instead spent 60 days in jail.

While in jail he had the opportunity to start the GED program. When he got out, he committed to finishing. Especially since he was going to have to work two or three jobs if he didn’t do something different.

With his GED in hand, he is headed to culinary school so he can have one job and still pay his bills. He can already make anything in the kitchen (just ask him about his oxtail soup) and is known as the grill master among his friends.

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