Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between ABE, GED and ESL?

ABE – Adult Basic Education. Readers at the 8th grade level and below.
GED – General Equivalency Diploma. Readers at 9th grade level and above studying for their diploma.
ESL – English as a Second Language. For learners who want to speak and read English.


What classes are available at the Literacy Center?

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Reading
Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced ESL
GED courses: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Math, and Science
Life Literacy Workshops: Finance, Employment, Computers


Do you teach for GED  (General Equivalency Diploma)?

Yes. When students reach the 9th grade reading level, we can begin preparing students to take the GED exams.


Do you test for GED  (General Equivalency Diploma)?

No. When students are ready to take an exam, we refer them to one of the sanctioned testing centers.


How do I enroll at the Literacy Center?

Call 402.342.7323 and ask for an appointment for New Student Enrollment.


How old do I need to be to enroll?

For people ages 16 – 18 documentation of drop-out is required prior to enrollment.
Anyone age 18 or older can enroll without documentation.

We welcome life long learners and believe nobody is too old to learn to read.


What does it cost?

All services are free. There is no charge to students for classes or one-on-one tutoring.


Where are classes held?

At the Literacy Center and at area partner libraries and community agencies.


When are classes held?

Monday through Thursday. Daytime and evening classes are available. Classes usually meet for one and a half hours, twice a week.

You will receive a class schedule when you enroll.


How long are the courses?

Each course is 22 weeks long. You many repeat a session or move to the next reading level.


Do I need to buy books?

No. All books and study material are provided free of charge. You may also borrow books from our Student Library.


How do I get a tutor?

After you have been in a class 1-2 months, you may ask to be matched with a volunteer tutor. Tutors meet with students 1-2 hours each week at the Literacy Center or at another public location like a library.