Success Stories

For His Grandchildren

While at the treatment center with the help of the staff at the Open Door Mission, he committed to finishing his GED.

He wants to show his kids and grandkids they can do anything and that it’s never too late.

When he’s done he wants to drive a truck and get his CDL.

Found a Way to Start

I got caught up in a bad circle of bad jobs and bigger problems. The only way I could see to get out of it was going back to school but I didn’t think I was capable of finishing my GED.  I didn’t even know where to start.

When I got to the Literacy Center they took the time to listen.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m done, maybe something in broadcasting – I used to be a musician.

I know that I’m going to come back and help others because somebody did it for me. I figure if you have the means to get involved, you should.

To Open a Restaurant

Numayr had her first child at 16 and now has 4 beautiful children that all finished high school.

When she’s done with her GED she’s going to enroll in the culinary program at Metro Community College – she loves cooking foods from all over the world and can’t wait to get started.

She hopes to open a restaurant someday.

She will tell you “It was important to have a place like the Literacy Center because they helped me get my GED, but more importantly it helped me finish what I should have done a long time ago.”


Jahae is from South Korea and came to the Literacy Center to learn English. When she first came to the United States with her husband she thought she could do anything but quickly realized that without being able to communicate she could do nothing. And it freaked her out and was humiliating.

In Korea she earned her Master’s Degree in Sociology. Before coming to the Literacy Center she didn’t think she could get a job in the United States because of the language barrier but now she’s confident she can do anything.

The Key to His Future

Fernando is from Tijuana, Mexico and went to school for 6 years (about 5th grade) and dropped out when his mother passed away – he had to work to put food on the table for his 6 siblings.

He became a US citizen in 1975. His first job was in a machine shop and later went through food service trainings in Las Vegas and later learned construction.

A series of hard times and bad luck brought him into public assistance where he had the opportunity to go back to school. It was weird to be in front of a teacher at first but he knows the key to his future is his GED and that makes him excited.

Just One Job

Rico left school at 16 so he could support his girlfriend and their new baby.

His first job was at Village Inn as a dishwasher and earned his way to head cook after 5 years. He’s always had a job, usually two, and sometimes three. Finally he had job where he made foreman and earned enough to just have one job. Then he got a DUI. He didn’t have enough to pay the fine and instead spent 60 days in jail.

While in jail he had the opportunity to start the GED program. When he got out, he committed to finishing. Especially since he was going to have to work two or three jobs if he didn’t do something different.

With his GED in hand, he is headed to culinary school so he can have one job and still pay his bills. He can already make anything in the kitchen (just ask him about his oxtail soup) and is known as the grill master among his friends.