Success Stories

Going Home

Lual Lual is from the war torn country of Sudan and spent almost his entire life living in refugee camps. Although he doesn’t know his real age, he thinks that he was about 10 years old when his father was killed and his family fled and he was separated from them.

After being separated from his family and walking for a month, he was alone in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. A year after his arrival in the camp, civil war broke out in Ethiopia and Lual and the other refugees found themselves making the 1 month walk back through Sudan eventually reaching a refugee camp in Kenya. He thinks he was admitted in the US as a refugee when he was approximately 21 year old. Since reaching the United States Lual was able to reconnect with his mother and one of his siblings back home.

A Real Job

Daryl was kicked out of school at the 10th grade because she was fighting with a group of girls who were bullying her and constantly making fun of her.

After leaving school, Daryl worked production jobs and had a daughter who was later killed by a drunk driver. Daryl then sunk into depression, lost her job, and is now on public assistance.

She thinks she is through the depression now and wants to leave public assistance but can’t find a job that will pay her medical expenses so she’s using this time to earn her GED and find a ‘real’ job.

Followed His Dreams

Michael wanted to be a rock n roll star so he followed his dream and traveled the country on his motorcycle playing guitar.

He’s had several brushes with the law, drugs, and has lived in homeless shelters.

Today his two-wheeled pride is his bicycle and he wants to be a welder when he finishes his GED.