We’re Moving!


The Literacy Center is moving and need your help to get it done.

GED Enrollment

This location fit us well during the last 4 years but we have experienced overcrowding at this  location for some time despite providing programming at four additional community locations, so it is a great time for us to look for space that better meets our needs.

We have experienced great growth over the last several years and have been ‘making do’ with the space we had.  Here is a snapshot of enrollment and specifically growth in the GED program during this time period.

We are currently serving nearly 600 students at the Literacy Center with 60 classes each week in the areas of Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, GED and Computer Literacy.

Additionally we have classes serving students at four off-site locations (South Omaha, Millard, and La Vista Libraries as well as Park Ave. Commons).

As we move forward our priorities are:

1. Assessing our actual needs
2. Securing a space that:
-better accommodates our growing programs
-is more centrally located as we serve students in the tri-county area
-is easily accessible by bus and car
3. Provide a smooth transition for our students, volunteers and staff

 This is an exciting time for the Literacy Center.

As a supporter of the Literacy Center we want to be sure to keep you informed during this transition. If you have any questions or would like to further discuss please let me know.

Yours in service,

Kirsten R. Case
Executive Director
(402) 342-7323